International Property & Assets

As we achieve greater financial success, we may find that our assets are no longer based only in the country we live.

It may be that we found a beautiful holiday home, began residing abroad, or set up offices in a new country. Or possibly we have wealth stored in overseas accounts or business interests located in different jurisdictions.

Whatever your situation, having property and assets in different countries can give rise to various legal questions about what will happen to our overseas interests upon our passing. 

The administration of somebody’s estate following their death is a complex task even when all their assets are located domestically. But when part of their wealth is based internationally, individuals are faced with the difficult task of ensuring their assets go where they’re intended to upon their death. In these situations, a simple UK will is not enough to guarantee their wishes will be followed.

There are many factors that can bring the security of your international assets into question. These may range from simple jurisdictional differences to sinister corrupt authorities. But whatever the risk factor may be, you want to ensure they pose no threat to the future wellbeing of those you love.

Ensuring financial security for our families when we pass should be a priority for anyone in a position to make a difference. We should never have to contemplate our loved ones being deprived of our wealth upon our death, and at Robertsons Solicitors we have the expertise to ensure this never happens. Our extensive experience in administering estates with international property and overseas assets means you can trust us to ensure everything will be handled as it should be.

Your international property and assets are the key to safeguarding a future of prosperity and comfort for those you leave behind. So let uss give you peace of mind – your will is in good hands.

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