Arrangements for Children

Divorce and separation affects families in countless ways. Some of these things are visible to others, while many remain unseen. Yet of all those who suffer in a breakup, it’s the children who are affected the most. 

Children may be the silent victims in family breakups, but this silence underlies the pain they experience. This is reflected in the way the law works around separations and divorce, and the courts will always look at what’s best for the children when deciding on what arrangements are to be made.

As a parent it’s natural for you to feel the same, and ensuring your child has the best possible start in life should be the priority of every mother and father. Giving your young ones the quality of education they need alongside the opportunities to develop lifelong skills and passions are crucial to this, and should be given the weight they deserve.

Children need both a supportive living environment and the right financial resources to grow into the person every parent wants them to be. Coming to an understanding on this with your ex-partner can be a crucial step in avoiding stressful conflict and lengthy legal proceedings.

However, emotionally fraught breakups are rarely conductive to agreements on a matter as personal as our children, and getting legal assistance is often necessary to protect our interests.

At Robertsons Solicitors we understand the importance of looking out for the children in a relationship, ensuring the right people continue to play an important role in their lives. We are dedicated to achieving the outcomes our clients desire by providing level-headed legal guidance from start to finish. The future of your children may depend on the quality of legal help you receive, so don’t take any risks.

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