Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Couples heading for marriage often do so with the best of intentions, but it cannot be denied that separation is a possibility in the future.

Contemplating a separation or divorce is never something those close to marriage want to do. Yet for individuals with substantial wealth, preparing for this eventuality is the wisest path to take. Indeed, discussing how you will divide your assets if the relationship ends can be the difference between a clean break and a drawn-out conflict with both partners suffering severe financial loss. 

Many couples are hesitant about discussing pre-nuptial agreements for fear of seeming uncommitted or untrusting. While this is understandable, the risk of having your business interests and overseas properties taken simply because you and your partner lack an agreement should outweigh any short-lived discomfort the topic may raise.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Those already married can also have a post-nuptial agreement drawn up, which acts the same way as a pre-nuptial agreement but for married couples. Both pre and post nuptial agreements can give you peace of mind by knowing you’re in agreement on how your assets will be divided should the worst happen.

Pre-nuptial agreements are especially popular with those entering a marriage for the second time. This may be because one party wishes to protect the settlement they received from their previous marriage, or because they found wealth after their last marriage ended and don’t wish to lose the fruits of their labour.

It should be noted that both pre and post-nuptial agreements are not necessarily legally binding, though they will have an influence on a court’s decision if matters are taken that far. Yet even with this, the understanding an agreement demonstrates can help partners avoid emotionally draining and financially damaging post-breakup disputes.

Such agreements are truly important in relationships where one or both parties possess significant assets or wealth. We have extensive experience in advising wealthy clients on their options, helping draw up agreements that work best for everyone involved and ensuring your pre-nuptial covers all bases.

Don’t leave drafting your pre or post-nuptial agreement until it’s too late. Trust us to give you the wealth-protecting services you need for total peace of mind.

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