Separation & Finance

As a relationship draws to a close, emotional moments and practical considerations meet to make for some very challenging times. Most relationship breakdowns are fraught with difficulties from high-running emotions and new living arrangements, but these issues can become even more contentious when larger sums of money are involved.

A separation marks not just a new start for you and your ex-partner, but a new financial situation too. This is a complicated issue to negotiate even for lower-income families, but when the assets of the relationship are substantially larger these matters can become especially heated.

Those accustomed to a high standard of living face their quality of life taking a downward turn, as they risk losing the assets that helped maintain their lifestyle.

This makes it all the more important to get legal assistance you can count on. Whether it’s a matter of limiting your losses, securing what you’re owed, or finding a resolution you and your ex-partner are both happy with, having a qualified professional offer you expert guidance is the safest way of navigating this difficult situation.

At Robertsons Solicitors we have extensive experience in assisting individuals through their separations and divorces when substantial assets are involved. We understand the gravity of the matter and the importance of securing the best outcome our clients can hope for. 

Don’t risk losing your quality of life – choose us for professional guidance and a commitment to helping you through these difficult times.

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