International Property

Purchasing property is rarely a simple matter, even in ideal circumstances. The necessity of conducting various checks and hiring a conveyancer, along with the risk of the chain falling through or finding structural problems, means difficulties can soon arise.

These issues, however, are only made more complicated when looking to purchase property overseas.

While the idea of getting your first home abroad or expanding your portfolio to include properties internationally can be alluring, the reality of doing so requires considerable planning. Buying an overseas home involves dealing with different laws, new purchasing procedures, and a wildly different property market.

Finding a good conveyancer is important even for a conventional property purchase. But when buying abroad, getting a skilled professional to handle your affairs becomes an absolute necessity. This is compounded by the fact that international property purchases are often made by those with significant assets, meaning substantial sums of money are generally involved in such transactions. 

Consequently, the stakes are even greater and require a conveyancer that can conduct your purchase with the skill it needs.

Few conveyancers possess the experience and expertise required to make your dream home abroad a reality. At Robertsons Solicitors, however, we’re proud to offer specialist international property purchase services to those looking to buy internationally.

Combining expert knowledge, cross-jurisdictional experience and a commitment to achieving total client satisfaction, we are here to make your overseas property dreams a reality.

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