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Purchasing a buy-to-let property or a home intended for investment purposes is not the same as buying a house you’ll be living in.

This is due to a number of reasons, and buyers should be aware of what these differences are. 

Firstly, you’ll not be living in this house and need to look for different things compared to a property you’ll be residing in. Secondly, the process for purchasing a buy-to-let or investment property is quite different from buying a home for yourself, and this kind of conveyancing needs specialist skills to be done right.

The differences in the process include finding a special buy-to-let mortgage, checking the property you’re buying can be rented out, and even understanding your continued obligations after completion. 

As a buy-to-let property purchaser, you need to know the people in charge of your conveyancing are experienced professionals. Finding the right firm to guide you through the buying process can make all the difference, and you can even get on-going support after completion to help you stay on top of things.

At Robertsons Solicitors we have a wealth of experience in buy-to-let conveyancing. We can help you add to your portfolio, advising on everything from documentation to future taxation. 

So find peace of mind in knowing you’re getting the premium service you deserve, and let us handle your buy-to-let conveyancing needs.

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