Civil Partnerships

As the law has adapted to the changing social landscape of British society, so too have the options couples have available for legally formalising their relationships. Both same-sex and opposite-sex couples can now enter into civil partnerships and marriages, giving them the rights that were previously only held by opposite-sex married couples.

Yet with the option to form these bonds also comes the need to deal with their possible breakdown too.

While this will be a confusing and difficult time for anyone going through it, the process for ending a civil partnership is thankfully very similar to ending a marriage. Divorces in same-sex marriages are also identical to those in opposite-sex unions, giving couples in these situations a framework they can understand. The only difference between ending a marriage and civil partnership is that adultery cannot be used as grounds for dissolving a civil partnership, whereas it can for marriages.

This means ending your civil partnership or same-sex marriage will likely carry all the challenges an opposite-sex divorce has, along with the same need for legal assistance.

In these moments your concerns will naturally turn to safeguarding your home, your finances, and your children. At Robertsons Solicitors we have extensive experience assisting clients in ending their civil partnerships and same-sex marriages as simply and stress free as possible. 

We’re here to help you from start to finish, so trust us and let us protect your interests every step of the way.

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