Divorce & Separation

While every relationship starts with the best of intentions, it’s an unfortunate fact that many will end earlier than anticipated. Not everyone thinks they will ever need to search for divorce solicitors.

Many relationships will finish due to the poor behaviour of either spouse, but the pressures of modern life can also push an otherwise happy marriage to breaking point. Financial worries, caring for children and the daily stresses of running a home can take their toll on hard working families. The actions of the wedded couple and the decisions they make in these difficult times can then lead to a breakdown in the marriage.

When this happens the relationship is often unable to recover and the couple makes a decision to separate or divorce.

Separation can lead to a number of areas of disputes

Of course, the end of a marriage is never easy and rarely straightforward. Strong feelings run high and there’s often resentment from both parties. Child arrangements and property disputes are also usually thrown in, making the resulting situation very emotionally charged.

Navigating the end of your marriage may be the most challenging thing you ever experience, and in these difficult times it’s essential you find the right divorce solicitors that will not only guide you though the legal procedure, but who be open and honest with you about your options.

The future of your children, your property, and your quality of life may be determined by the level of legal assistance you receive, and you can’t afford to leave any element to chance. 

At Robertsons Solicitors, we have a dedicated family law team with specialised expertise in divorce and separations. We have a number of accreditations in family law which demonstrates our expertise. So make the right choice in this critical time – let us give you the helping hand you deserve.

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