Separation Agreements

Divorce is not the only option available for couples when their relationship breaks down, and many do not feel comfortable taking such a big step when deciding to separate.

In these situations many couples decide to live their lives apart while remaining legally married or within a civil partnership. Divorce or Dissolution is usually expected at some stage, but before this the couple need to reach an agreement on how to handle their finances and living circumstances. 

Shared bank accounts, jointly owned property and expenses regarding the children are just some of the things separating couples must consider before going their own ways. A settlement agreement can help you both formalise things going forward – both protecting your assets and securing what is rightfully yours. 

Settlement Agreements aren’t always straight forward

Yet settlement agreements can become complex, with things like shared assets, debts and on-going financial obligations causing negotiations to become tangled and messy. This is not made any easier by the fact that a separation is usually accompanied by strong feelings on both sides, making complicated issues that much harder to resolve.

An experienced firm of solicitors can help you untangle any difficulties, understand your position, and formalise your agreement.

While a separation agreement alone is not legally binding, if the correct processes are followed it can be used in court when you get divorced, meaning it’s essential that this document protects your interests. 

At Robertsons Solicitors we know the necessity of securing a settlement agreement that is favourable to our clients. We understand the importance your settlement agreement will make to your quality of life both post-separation and after the divorce, so let us help you get things right first time.

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