Financial Settlements

One of the most difficult things about separations and divorce is deciding how money, assets and property will be shared. 

The agreement or decision that is made on how these will be divided is known as a financial settlement and can include everything from savings to pensions and shares. It can also include rights to property, who will be liable for debts, and payment schedules for children.

Once made, this arrangement will be legally binding. This makes getting a favourable settlement agreement absolutely essential, and you’ll need to know what you can fight for and reasonably expect. The circumstances of your marriage are unique to you, and all factors will need to be considered to see what kind of agreement with your spouse is realistic.

To make a decision, you will both need to consider your finances, how much you earn, your future earning potential, your ages, and the needs of your children alongside a range of other details. 

There are mediation services available to help you and your spouse find a suitable outcome, and it’s entirely possible to have a financial agreement put in place without it going to court.

Getting expert advice is essential

Yet regardless of this, you should be aware of what you’re legally entitled to at the end of your marriage. Getting quality legal advice can help you understand your position and give you the quality of life you desire in your new circumstances. Knowing there’s someone on your side can also be a great relief to many people enduring the stresses of divorce, providing the stability and trust many people miss in these difficult times.

Our family law team at Robertsons Solicitors have the expertise you need to understand what you can expect to walk away with in your settlement agreement. We’re here to help you understand your position and secure you the best possible quality of life post-marriage, ensuring it’s dealt with quickly and with minimal stress.

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