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Searching for Divorce Solicitors in Cardiff following a relationship breakdown

So, you’ve decided that you’ve reached the end of your relationship. For some, it is a relief to start the divorce – or separation process, and for others, it goes with a bit of sadness.  

Whatever the case may be, the process of divorce and separation can seem daunting and intimidating. Where do you start and should you contact divorce solicitors?

In the case of the divorce process, it may help to have a quick overview of the stages.  

  • The person seeking the divorce must file the divorce application in court
  • The other person will be notified and must acknowledge within two weeks that they have received the service form.
  • Both parties now enter a ‘reflection’ period of 20 weeks allowing them to make sure divorce is what they want.  If divorce is a sure thing, the parties can use this time to organise their finances or talk about child arrangements.
  • The petitioner (or both parties) applies for a conditional order, and if the judge is satisfied that the grounds for divorce have been met, a certificate of entitlement will be issued, giving you a date. This can take several weeks.
  • A final order is the last step, roughly six weeks after the conditional order.  When this is granted, the marriage is dissolved.  

All of this can sound daunting in what is already an emotional time.  If you are unsure how to apply for a divorce or have any other questions about the process, our divorce solicitors will be happy to help. You will also need to consider the finances and how they are to be divided. Again, this can be difficult and is more complex than the divorce itself.

Cohabitating couples are not covered by the same laws as married couples, but when they separate, they still need to resolve issues around the division of property, finances and childcare.

Robertsons Solicitors are your specialist family law solicitors that can help. We can provide all the support and advice you need so that you can successfully end your civil partnership or marriage.

If you are based in Cardiff and are going through a divorce or separation, speak with one of our dedicated divorce solicitors for legal guidance and support.

Divorce & Separation FAQs

No, the court does not consider who started the process.  Also, as of April 2022, UK law no longer allocates 'fault' to one of the spouses.

It is not necessary but advisable, especially if significant amounts of money are involved or if one of the spouses live abroad. At Robertsons, expert divorce lawyers in Cardiff, we only act for one of the spouses, and you should get your own independent legal advice.

You can.  What does matter, however, is what country you consider your home now and whether the marriage is recognised within the UK.  This will determine whether a court has jurisdiction there.   Domicile and habitual residence issues can be complex.

Speak to one of our family law solicitors at Robertsons Solicitors before issuing any proceedings to know what your options are.

Every child deserves a secure childhood.  In the UK, if both parents agree about the arrangements for their children, the court does not need to be involved.  However, if there is a dispute, either of the parties to the divorce can apply to the court for resolution.

Issues can be who the children should live with, how much time they should spend with the other parent and other specific topics such as where the children should go to school.  Robertsons Solicitors can help.  Our family law expert solicitors have dealt with countless such scenarios through the years, and we can advise you about how to handle disputes around childcare arrangements.

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