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At Robertsons Mediation, we have substantial experience helping businesses and families throughout Cardiff to resolve their disputes. Our mediator has an in-depth understanding of the legal processes, having worked in the field of litigation and dispute resolution both for commercial and civil cases. We understand that for many individuals, entering court proceedings is not the most ideal route; you want a resolution that works for your personal situation.

Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution, bringing an independent third party into the equation to help settle the dispute. Often significantly less stressful and less costly than court proceedings, mediation offers a way for families and businesses to settle their disputes and receive an outcome that is more suited to their individual needs.

Mediation Process Overview

The mediation process, although varying slightly depending on the specific civil and commercial case, generally follows a structured framework facilitated by an impartial mediator. This process begins with the exchange of case summaries and relevant documents among the parties involved, followed by an initial discussion led by the mediator to ensure all parties have the authority to settle. The mediation day unfolds with the mediator laying out rules, identifying core dispute reasons in a joint or separate meeting, and conducting private discussions to find potential solutions. If a mutual agreement is reached, a legally binding contract is drafted and signed, highlighting mediation as a viable alternative to court proceedings for dispute resolution.

The Role of Mediation in Dispute Resolution

Mediation serves as an effective tool across various disputes, whether personal or professional, by preserving relationships and offering a faster resolution compared to traditional court hearings. At Robertsons Solicitors, the emphasis is on facilitating a comfortable and conclusive process and understanding the challenges of entering mediation. By addressing the dispute promptly, mediation aids in preventing escalation and ensures a less stressful conclusion for cases ranging from family business disagreements to neighbour boundary disputes, underscoring its potential to resolve matters with minimal conflict.

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