Children and Local Authorities

Having a Care Order or Supervision Order made is a difficult thing for a parent to experience, and they can have a big impact on our children too. 

A Care Order is made when the local authority is concerned a child may be experiencing harm or will soon suffer harm. 

Care Order

If a Care Order is given then the local authority will be granted parental authority over your child. While this doesn’t mean you’ll lose parental responsibility, it could mean that the local authority will be the one making most of the decisions for your child, and they could change their residence.

Supervision Order

A Supervision Order, however, is made when the local authority thinks it’s best for your child to have a social worker review matters regularly and be involved in your child’s life. These social workers will still play a big part, but unlike a Care Order, a Supervision Order doesn’t give the local authority parental responsibility. This is why Supervision Orders are thought of as less severe than Care Orders.

As a parent you likely have strong feelings about a Care Order or Supervision Order being made. You may believe you’ve been treated unfairly, misunderstood, and feel helpless against the power of the local authority.

If the Local Authority are suggesting that they are considering a Care Order then you should obtain advice as quick as possible and you’ll want a firm of solicitors you feel confident with. You will be able to obtain Legal Aid for the application brought by the Local Authority.

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