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Construction projects are a major undertaking and few other ventures require such a considerable investment of time, money and resources. 

The successful completion of a construction project can bring with it significant financial rewards. Conversely, however, construction projects can encounter difficulties that may potentially even threaten the survival of your company.

One such difficulty is the possibility of disagreements developing between the parties involved. 

Whether you’re beginning work on a major project or a more modest venture, it’s not uncommon for differences in opinion to arise. These can then escalate into delays, a breakdown in your working relationship, and finally court action.

With such heavy penalties when misfortune strikes, combined with the alluring incentives a successful project offers, construction often presents a tempting liability to companies. Yet if you start feeling that contentious issues may give rise to disagreements then it may be time to swiftly find the legal assistance you need.

Finding the right legal professionals to give you guidance in such situations is of paramount importance. Whether your construction project will be in the retail, residential, industrial, educational or any other sector, the firm representing you should possess an understanding of your project’s needs and an appreciation of the circumstances that led to the conflict.

Resolving this via mediation and coming to a mutually agreeable resolution should be a priority, but it’s entirely possible these discussions will remain fruitless and escalate to litigation.

Yet regardless of which path your situation ultimately takes, it’s crucial that you have recourse to quality legal advice early on. At Robertsons Solicitors we pride ourselves on our ability to give you a stress-free experience, characterised by efficiency and a commitment to tailoring our advice to your construction project and individual needs. Working with you each step of the way, we’re here to help you overcome every challenge your project meets

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