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Can an electronic signature be contractually binding?

22 July 2021

This post discusses whether an electronic signature can be contractually binding and examines Neocleous & Anor v Rees 2019

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Family law specialist joins Cardiff matrimonial and children law heavyweights, Robertsons.

8 June 2021

Press Release: Family law specialist joins Cardiff matrimonial and children law team at Robertsons

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What is an Employment Settlement Agreement?

6 May 2021

In this blog we discuss the role of employment settlement agreements and what they should contain.

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How do you annul a marriage?

29 April 2021

We explore the difference between divorce and marriage annulment – and how you annul a marriage.

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What Businesses need to know about Consumer Contracts

26 April 2021

We discuss what you need to know about Consumer Contracts and the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

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What is Spousal Maintenance?

19 April 2021

What is spousal maintenance and when is it awarded. We answer these questions and more.

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Commercial Tenants and Break Notices – avoiding the pitfalls

13 April 2021

The landscape of leasehold offices is changing since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. With more people working from home, businesses changing their working model by closing offices and putting more emphasis on remote working. Naturally, this means that many companies are reviewing their Leases. Leases will often contain a Break Clause which allows the […]

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What happens to their shares when a Shareholder dies

7 April 2021

When a Shareholder dies it is important that appropriate agreements are in place to ensure that their shares are distributed as per their wishes.

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The upcoming changes to Employment law that you should know

30 March 2021

Employment Law specialist, Will Baird, discusses the key employment law changes that come into play from 1 April 2021.

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Spotlight: Caitlin Kloet tells us about working at Robertsons during the pandemic

29 March 2021

We talk to Caitlin Kloet about working as a Trainee Solicitor during the pandemic.

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When unmarried couples separate, what rights do they have to a Property?

26 March 2021

Cohabiting couples do not have the benefit of ‘common law’. So what happens when they have a property but decide to separate?

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Five Ways To Help Ensure Employee Wellbeing

15 March 2021

What are the five ways employers can help to ensure employee wellbeing?

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