Litigation Solicitors Cardiff

Our litigation solicitors have substantial experience in helping individuals throughout Cardiff resolve disputes of all kinds from the very beginning of a problem through to the final resolution.

Under civil law, individuals can settle disputes such as defamation, professional negligence, injunctions, breach of contract, commercial disputes, and more.   The kind of disputes we deal with are often between business partners, neighbours, landlords and tenants, homeowners and builders and buyers and sellers of property.

Disputes are unpleasant episodes and resolving them rapidly and effectively is a skill developed over many years of negotiation and mediation. That’s why our law firm has a dedicated team with a fantastic history of achieving rapid, cost-effective solutions to a vast range of individual disputes.

Litigation solicitors Cardiff

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However simple or complex your dispute, from County Court to High Court, we will have a legal expert with the key experience to help you move speedily and effectively from defining the dispute to resolving it. We always have your needs at the forefront of our negotiations.

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Should your case reach the courts, we are experienced in dealing with various disputes. We can act for both the pursuer and the defender. 

Some of our previous litigation clientele consists of government and public entities, corporate officers, trade and lobbying associations and private individuals. We strive to always provide a high-quality and thorough service through our dynamic and experienced team.

We bring to litigation and dispute resolution a clear understanding of the mental and emotional impact of any dispute resolution process. Just contact us today to book a consultation with our Cardiff ligation solicitors and resolve any dispute with speed and clarity.

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Our expertise is how we maintain our strong reputation as a law firm.

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