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Can an employer read employees emails?

If an employee is absent from work, for sickness or other reasons, there are times when employers need to read their emails in order to ensure work is carried out.  However, is there a legal right for employers to read employees emails and listen to voicemails?  This video explores the options. If you are in […]

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Are Pre-Nups enforceable?

If you enter into a Pre-Nuptial agreement, will it be enforceable if the relationship breaks down? Our solicitor, Chris Barber, discusses what needs to be considered when entering into a Pre-Nup. Click here for more information on our prenuptial agreements.  Our video contains captions, but if you prefer, you can read the transcript below: Pre-Nuptial […]

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What is shared care?

In the context of family law, what does shared care mean? Does it mean equal care? Our solicitor, Chris Barber, explains the meaning of this concept.   Our video contains captions, but if you prefer, you can read the transcript below: When a court is considering making an order detailing whom a child lives with […]

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Employment Update: Long Covid

Is Long Covid classed as a ‘disability’ for the purpose of employment law? Can an employee be dismissed if they have Long Covid? Chris Barber discusses a recent case of Burke v Turning Point Scotland which considered these issues. If you have a discrimination issue at work, contact one of our employment solicitors.   Our […]

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Andrew Collingbourne on BBC News

Our personal injury solicitor, Andrew Collingbourne, is supporting the parents of an eight-year-old boy with complex medical needs that died of meningitis days after doctors were unable to diagnose him. Such cases are traumatic and it is hoped that cases involving children with complex medical needs are prioritised within all NHS trusts in the future. […]

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Ellis Jenkins talks about Power of Attorneys

Welsh Rugby International Ellis Jenkins tells us why it’s important to plan for the future today. When we are young we feel invincible, but accidents and unexpected things happen. Planning for the future by putting Lasting Powers of Attorney in place today, secures a future in which you, or someone you trust makes choices for […]

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Welsh Rugby International Ellis Jenkins discusses the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney come in two variants: Finance and Property or Health and Care. Welsh Rugby International, Ellis Jenkins discusses why Powers of Attorney are important to him and his family with the Probate Wills and Trusts team at Robertsons Solicitors in Cardiff. Click here more information on Powers of Attorney.

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Introduction To The Equality Act 2010

Will Baird, our employment law expert, commenting on a recent case in which he represented our client in a case involving sexual discrimination at work and the Equality Act 2010. If you’ve suffered discrimination at work, we can help.

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