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How Do Trust Funds Payout in the UK? Types, How to Claim

If you are a beneficiary under a Trust we explore the options you have to receive your money and/or assets.

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Setting Up An Inheritance Trust Fund: What You Need to Know

We set out the choices available when setting up an Inheritance Trust Fund and the pros and cons of the options.

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Can a Child Under 18 Inherit? A Guide to What You Need To Know

Here is a guide to children under 18 years of age inheriting, and what the options are you need to consider.

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Is an English Will Valid in Wales: Rules Around English Wills

In this blog we cover what you need to know about the rules surrounding Wills in England and Wales.

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Robertsons Solicitors Set to Support Will Aid For a Third Year

Robertsons Solicitors is to support the Will Aid initiative for a third year during November 2021.

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Understanding the Bank of Mum and Dad: What Should be Considered?

We discuss the significant support first-time buyers are getting from the Bank of Mum and Dad.

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Robertsons Takes Part in Will Aid 2020 to Help Raise Money for Charity

Robertsons to support the charity Will writing scheme, Will Aid. Please contact us to find out more.

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Writing a Will During a Global Pandemic: What is Different?

We discuss the issues associated with writing a Will during a global pandemic and what the rules are.

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Change to Statutory Legacy Under the Intestacy Rules: The Changes

We look at the change to statutory legacy under the intestacy rules recently announced by the Government.

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You can’t Avoid Nasty Surprises, but You Can Plan for Them!

Have you ever stopped to think – who would manage your affairs if you could not? Whilst it’s not something we like to think about happening to us, if you are suddenly struck by a severe illness, disability, accident that leaves you physically or mentally incapacitated, you’ll need someone to act on your behalf. Having […]

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Write the Right Will: Top Tips on What Should be Included in Your Will

What do you need to think of when writing a Will? We explain some important details that you should consider.

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