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Is Property Ownership Granted to a Trustee?

Our Wills, Trusts & Estates team discuss all things property ownership and being a Trustee.

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Does a Trustee Own the Property? What you need to know

A trust is an arrangement that allows the property to be managed by someone.

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Robertsons Solicitors Raises £4,090 To Support Will Aid Campaign

We raised an incredible £4,090 by taking part in a charity Will-writing campaign.

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Executor or Will Trustee: Unravelling the Distinctions and Legal Obligations

What are the main differences between a Will trustee and an Executor?

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What Is a Trust Agreement? How It Works, Who Uses It and Why.

Have you wondered what a Trust Agreement is? Depending on your circumstances, they can be beneficial.

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Can an Executor Withhold Money From a Beneficiary? What Can be Done?

If you are a beneficiary of a Will and you think that an Executor is withholding money, it could be for various reasons.

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What Makes a Will Legal: Requirements, Checklist, and Advice

What are the areas to consider when drafting a Will? Can you draft a Will yourself. We explore the options.

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Does a Will Have to Be Registered? Is It Legal? The Benefits

Once a Will is complete, is it necessary to register it or store it somewhere specific? Find out the options.

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How Long Does Probate Take? Your Probate Questions Answered

Here we consider how long probate takes and answer other common probate questions.

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How Do Trust Funds Payout in the UK? Types, How to Claim

If you are a beneficiary under a Trust we explore the options you have to receive your money and/or assets.

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Setting Up An Inheritance Trust Fund: What You Need to Know

We set out the choices available when setting up an Inheritance Trust Fund and the pros and cons of the options.

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Can a Child Under 18 Inherit? A Guide to What You Need To Know

Here is a guide to children under 18 years of age inheriting, and what the options are you need to consider.

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