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What is the difference between a civil partnership and living together?

Many couples, whether same-sex couples or not, will want to formalise their relationship, but do not wish to become married for reasons which can include not being religious, or simply not wishing to follow that route.

Entering into a civil partnership means that you and your partner create legal rights within your relationship.  Such an official, registered agreement will be recognised by the courts and give the relationship legal recognition.  It will also provide certain automatic rights for one partner if the other dies.

A registered civil partnership can only be ended by the death of one of the partners or if any one of you applies to the court to bring the partnership to an end.  One can only apply for the dissolution of such a contract if one year or more has passed.

If a couple does not wish to formalise the relationship in this way, you could consider a cohabitation agreement, but enforcing it can be more challenging.  A cohabitation agreement can include many aspects, including who pays the bills and mortgage/rent, how the property will be split if the relationship breakdown. It can also detail the arrangements for the children.  

Do you have any questions about civil partnerships and if it is the best way to go forward in your relationship? You may have been with a common-law partner for some time and feel the need to formalise what you are doing.  

Maybe your civil partnership has come to an end and you need to consider your options and how the finances should be dealt with. Our experienced civil partnership lawyers in Cardiff can help you navigate the way you should go.

Civil Partnership FAQs

Yes, the two parties can jointly adopt.  You can also legally adopt your partner's child.  The procedure is relatively straightforward in a civil partnership as long as one of you has lived with the child for at least six months.  Talk to a Robertsons family law solicitor should you be considering adoption to ensure you are ticking all the boxes.

Yes.  The partners in a civil partnership have the legal responsibility to support each other financially, even if the relationship has ended.  The family law solicitors at Robertsons have extensive experience with civil partnerships, the dissolution of such a relationship and common law partners.  We’d be happy to hear your story and advise you on the way forward.

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