Agricultural Land

Not all land purchases are the same, and those who own larger plots of rural land face unique challenges landowners with more conventional properties do not.

Whether for farming land, open land or otherwise, the purchase and sale of substantially larger pieces of agricultural land requires a different approach. This must account for the many factors those buying and selling will need to bear in mind, and ensure all parties involved remain as well-protected as clients in more conventional purchases.

It may be the property has been held in the owning family for many generations, leading to uncertainty over whether it’s been registered. There may be a lack of clarity over whether there are grazing rights over the land, or where exactly the boundaries lie between you and your neighbours’ properties.

Whatever the situation, at Robertsons Solicitors we have the expertise and necessary experience to deal with all matters relating to the purchase, sale and administration of your agricultural land. We can even help decipher your deeds to give you a clearer understanding of the rights and restrictions connected to your land.

We understand your priorities as an agricultural landowner, along with the pressure you face and the vital role this land plays in the wellbeing of both you and your family. We offer you the skills necessary to navigate any difficulties that arise in dealing with agricultural land, and remain dedicated to helping you achieve the outcome you want.

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