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We are also remortgage solicitors.

Life happens, and sometimes situations change.  A remortgage is when you switch mortgage lenders.  It can be because you want to borrow more money, you can get a better interest rate somewhere else, or because of a relationship breakdown or divorce. Get in touch with our Cardiff remortgage solicitors for further support.

By choosing us as your friendly remortgage solicitors, you will benefit from:

  • Our practical advice and reliable service
  • Regular updates about where we are in the process
  • Transparent, upfront costs.

Speak of our conveyancing solicitors at Robertsons Solicitors by contacting our office.   We aim to make the remortgage process as straightforward and quick for you as possible.

Remortgage FAQs

It might have been a good deal when you first signed your mortgage.  However, new deals can become available as the market changes, saving you money.

If you choose to remortgage because your situation has changed, you won’t necessarily have to change the lender. You can also make a new arrangement with your current lender.

Remember to keep the cost of remortgaging in mind.  These fees can add to your remortgage and make it more expensive than just staying in your current deal.

If you are borrowing against your current mortgage or moving to a better interest rate, or deal with your current provider, there is no need to engage a solicitor for a remortgage. However, a remortgage solicitor usually helps when you move between remortgage providers.

Unfortunately, not.  Any legal charges must be paid upfront and do not form part of your new mortgage.

Most people ask this question.  It isn’t easy to answer, as each transaction differs.

At Robertsons Solicitors, our remortgage solicitors usually estimate that such a transaction can take up to four weeks. However, we will do our best to complete your transaction as soon as possible.

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