I’m unhappy with my child’s EHCP. What options are available?


As a parent or caregiver, discovering that your child’s Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) doesn’t meet your expectations can be disheartening. You want the best for your child’s education and well-being, and when you feel the EHCP falls short, it’s essential to know your options. Education Law Specialist, Rhys Palmer explores what steps you can take when you find yourself in this situation.

  • Understanding the EHCP: Begin by thoroughly understanding and reviewing the EHCP. Familiarise yourself with its contents, objectives and the legal obligations it entails. Question whether the EHCP (a) accurately reflects who the young person is (b) what their needs are and (c) the support required to meet those needs.
  • Communication with the Local Authority: Open communication with the Local Authority (LA) responsible for your child’s EHCP is crucial. Express your concerns and seek clarification on aspects you find inadequate or unclear. They may be able to address your concerns through amendments or additional support provisions.
  • Requesting a Review: EHCPs are not static documents; they should be reviewed and amended when necessary. You have the right to request a review if you believe the current EHCP doesn’t adequately meet your child’s needs. Working with legal professionals like Robertsons Solicitors can help ensure your review request is comprehensive and effectively represents your concerns.
  • Appealing to the Tribunal: In cases where other avenues fail to resolve the dissatisfaction, you have the option to appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SEND). This legal process involves presenting your case before a panel of independent experts who will assess whether the EHCP needs modification to better meet your child’s needs.

In conclusion, feeling unhappy with your child’s EHCP doesn’t mean you’re without recourse. By understanding your rights and the available options, seeking legal guidance when necessary and advocating for your child’s best interests, you can navigate this challenging situation effectively. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey, and support from Education Law experts like Robertsons Solicitors can make a significant difference in achieving the best outcome for your child’s education and well-being.


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