Commercial Business Disputes

Business mediation covers all areas of commercial business disputes. The types of business conflicts that can occur are incredibly varied. It could be from a miscommunication between two businesses, to business rates disputes with the council.

To avoid the breakdown of a working relationship, arriving at a solution for the business dispute quickly is very important. When there has been a considerable financial investment, or there has been an established and stable relationship between businesses and suppliers, a quick resolution is the best outcome.

However, resolving business disputes can be a long, expensive, and complicated process for every party involved. Before considering court proceedings (which come with a substantial cost), mediation of business disputes is often the first way to attempt a resolution.

Mediation services work whether you are a small business or a large corporate business. When there is a business dispute, it needs to be resolved and the principles are the same. Mediation makes the process more personal to the situation. It takes place in a formal setting which means that all parties are fully aware they are in the mediation process with the focus on resolution. It also allows all parties to have their say on the business dispute topic with full confidentiality.

How to Resolve Business Disputes

The resolution of many disputes will happen without escalation or further issues through amicable discussion. Sometimes a third-party is needed to help resolve the matter and provide direction to the conflict that has arisen. When both parties are willing to start negotiations towards a constructive solution, mediation can be very effective. It often means there can be an early conclusion so that the conflict won’t damage their relationship further.

During the process, a third-party will communicate with both sides, gaining an understanding of the dispute. The discussion of the detail of the issues may take place in a joint meeting. The commercial mediation services provided by us at Robertsons Mediation will seek to find where a commonly agreed solution can be found. We aim to provide an outcome that both sides can use to hopefully rebuild their working relationship. If you have a business dispute and want to know more then get in touch.

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