Robertsons Secures High Court Win as £4 Million Fraud Claim Gets Struck Out

Fraud claim

In a recent legal victory, our client faced a substantial challenge when a claim exceeding £4 million for alleged fraud was issued against them in the High Court. However, under the guidance of Consultant Solicitor, Andrew Collingbourne and Solicitor, Matthew Stevens, the legal team at Robertsons successfully navigated through the complexities of the case, leading to the £4 million claim getting struck out. 

What makes this success even more remarkable is the significant costs awarded towards our client after the claim was struck out. This underscores not only the meritless nature of the allegations but also serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the legal defence mounted by the Robertsons team. 

Consultant Solicitor, Andrew Collingbourne commented, “In navigating this legal challenge, supporting our client was not just a responsibility but a shared commitment to getting a fair result. The collaborative effort of our legal team solidifies the importance of dedicated advocacy in achieving successful outcomes.”

Solicitor, Matthew Stevens added, ” We would like to thank Barrister Joshua Haran from 9 Park Place for his assistance in achieving this successful outcome for our client. Supporting a client goes beyond winning a case; it’s about being a reliable legal partner, facing challenges together and ensuring their voice is heard.”

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