Robertsons Solicitors Announces Partnership with Sandville Self Help Foundation 


We are pleased to announce that Robertsons Solicitors has partnered with Sandville Self Help Foundation to help enhance the support they provide to individuals and families supported by the centre.

Sandville Self Help Foundation offers physical, emotional, psychological, and social support through various activities, therapies and groups. Their centre is a private, relaxed and happy place where everyone can thrive.

Director, Chris Barber, commented: “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Sandville Self Help Foundation and fully support the incredible work they do for people with Cancer, Parkinson’s, MND and many life limiting or life changing conditions. The entire team is behind their long-term plans and we’re keen to contribute to their success.”

Centre Director, Sandra Owen, added: “At Sandville Self Help Foundation, we’re working to provide even more support to individuals and families who visit our centre. We’re reaching out to businesses to help us reach our ambitious goals. A big thank you to Robertsons Solicitors for their continued support.”

At Robertsons Solicitors, we believe in giving back to the community and supporting organisations that make a real difference. We encourage everyone in our network to learn more about the fantastic impact Sandville Self Help Foundation is making and to support its mission.

We look forward to the positive changes this partnership will bring and are committed to working closely them to achieve our shared goals. 


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