Special Guardianship Order

Not all children get the upbringing they deserve, and sometimes we see those we care about being harmed by people around them. This is not easy to witness, but there may be a way you can help. 

If you want to give a young person in this situation a better life, it may be possible to have a Special Guardianship Order put in place.

A Special Guardianship Order will allow you to look after the child – making sure they’re safe and giving them the childhood every young person needs. 

This is a long-term arrangement that grants you parental responsibility. Essentially this means a Special Guardianship Order will let you act as the child’s parent, having them live with you while making decisions on their behalf. You may even be able to keep the child in contact with their birth parents if safe to do so.

Yet not everyone is allowed to become a Special Guardian, and your application will only be granted if you meet certain criteria. Unfortunately, this can put people off taking action and leaves many children without the security and support necessary at such a vulnerable age.

You need advice, information and guidance to understand your options. Special Guardianship Orders are serious matters and you should be aware and informed of what taking one out involves – from the initial application right through to your final responsibilities as a guardian.

Our family law team at Robertsons Solicitors have the experience you need to understand whether a Special Guardianship Order is right for your circumstances, and to give your application the professional touch too. We understand the difficult circumstances these situations often arise in, and we’re committed to making things as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

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