Strategic HR Setup For Multinational Lending Company

Strategic HR Setup

In a recent case, our legal team worked closely with the CEO of a large multinational lending corporation specialising in second charges. We assisted the CEO in creating the entire strategic HR setup from scratch, providing comprehensive support to establish a robust human resources framework essential for the company’s operations and growth.

Our assistance encompassed a wide range of strategic HR functions, including:

  • Drafting directors’ service agreements and letters of appointment for non-executive directors
  • Creating employment contracts for all levels, from senior executives to junior staff
  • Developing the company handbook, policies and procedures
  • Conducting DBS checks
  • Advising on pension legislation and various HR issues

Our involvement enabled the company to start, grow and expand, leading to the successful opening of their first office. We continued to act on their behalf until they were able to set up their own HR department, ensuring a smooth transition and a solid foundation for future growth.

Litigation Director William Baird commented, “Assisting with the creation of a comprehensive HR setup for a large corporation from the ground up was a rewarding challenge. Our collaborative approach and attention to detail provided the company with the essential tools and structure needed to thrive and expand.”

This outcome highlights our legal team’s capability to manage and deliver complex HR projects, supporting clients in laying strong foundations for their business success. We are proud to have been instrumental in this pivotal phase of the company’s development.

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