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A successful company is often the result of a strong partnership where all involved contribute their skills and dedication to the prosperity of the business. But as time goes on it isn’t uncommon for business owners to clash on key decisions concerning their company.

These disagreements can escalate, leading to a breakdown in communication and a swift halt to constructive dialogue. In such cases it’s prudent for those involved to seek independent legal advice, both to protect their own interests and those of the company. 

Contrary to popular belief, however, acquiring legal advice early can limit the damage of an acrimonious disagreement between the key players of a business rather than prematurely escalate it.

Resolution can be reached through mediation

Seeking a formal resolution early will increase the chances of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) being a practical option.  ADR is a cost-effective, swift and relatively stress-free option for resolving such disputes, and can stop matters from building further.

However, sometimes ADR proves ineffective or simply isn’t an option. In such cases there may be no choice but to pursue litigation to resolve the conflict.

Yet regardless of the path you are ultimately required to take, you need legal guidance to help you through the treacherous waters such situations create. 

Thankfully, at Robertsons Solicitors we have the expertise to advise you of your options, recommend a course of action, and give you the representation you need if circumstances demand it. Our commitment to our clients’ wellbeing means we will always seek to bring the conflict to an early conclusion, without ever sacrificing your best interests. Yet if formal legal action is needed, our litigation experience can be used to pursue the outcome you seek.

Don’t let partnership disagreements threaten your company. Protect your business and your interests with strong legal representation.

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