Landlord & Tenant

Disputes between commercial landlords and commercial tenants can be serious matters. They can be costly, seriously disrupt work, cause cashflow issues, and even threaten your business.

Broadly speaking, many of the conflicts landlords and tenants of commercial property find themselves in are similar in nature to their residential counterparts. However, unlike residential landlord and tenant issues, commercial matters can quickly descend into prohibitively expensive legal costs with possible court intervention.

Frequent conflicts for landlords and tenants
  • Rent Arrears – When a landlord seeks to reclaim rent arrears from a commercial client there are a number of remedies available to obtain these sums. Likewise, if a tenant wishes to withhold payment due to the failings of the landlord or for another valid reason, various arguments can be made to potentially support their refusal.
  • Breach of Covenant – As a landlord you will naturally be concerned when a breach of covenant occurs. You may wish to forfeit the lease, while your tenant may wish to contest whether a breach has even occurred.
  • Damage to Property – The wellbeing of your commercial property is of great importance to you as a landlord, and you will want to take action if a tenant is damaging the premises. Likewise, a landlord’s failure to carry out necessary maintenance on the commercial property you’re renting is also a serious concern for tenants. In either case, legal remedies may be available to you.

There are also a variety of other causes for disputes between commercial landlords and commercial tenants, and the financial repercussions of allowing these to develop can be severe. 

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