Company Closure

The closure of your company can represent a dream that never came to fruition or mark the beginning of a fresh new venture. It can be both a time to both reflect on lessons learned and feel the excitement of looking ahead to build upon past experiences.

Yet in order to do so we often must bring our present situation to a proper resolution through the formal closure of our existing company. 

Closing down a company is usually a far more onerous task than starting one, and it is essential that the proper process be followed for it to be done correctly. Uncertainty can be a sign that you’re gambling on whether the proper steps will be followed, and the personal liabilities that can ensue if not, makes it a wise decision to seek advice.

Dealing with creditors in the correct way

Creditors will need paying, you could end up owing the company money as a director, and if trading while insolvent you may open yourself up to further risk. Getting guidance on such topics can mitigate or entirely avoid such situations, and you may even be able to continue trading longer than expected to facilitate a company closure that is more agreeable to all parties.

Even debt-free companies can benefit from proper legal advice on their closure. It can streamline the procedure and make your closure less costly, freeing you up for a fresh start elsewhere.

At Robertsons Solicitors, we have extensive experience in assisting companies of all sizes wind up free of stress and complications. With a commitment to the best interests of our clients in every step we take, you can be assured your company closure is handled with the greatest of care. 

Obtaining professional help on the topic of your company closure can make the difference between a smooth trouble-free finish and a messy descent into debt and stress. Give yourself peace of mind and your new venture a robust start.

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