Shareholder/Partnership Agreements

Great feats can be accomplished when we work together. This applies equally as powerfully to business as it does any other area of life, and it’s for this reason that business partnerships and companies that utilise shareholders are so popular. 

The shared expertise, resources and commitment of a group can far outweigh the contributions any one individual can bring. Yet involvement from multiple parties can also bring with it a host of complications. While all may be pursuing the same goals of increased profits and a bigger market share, the optimal way to achieve this may be a serious source of contention. 

Having a shareholder or partnership agreement can be an invaluable way for businesses to maintain order as they navigate the changeable commercial landscape.

The benefits of creating a shareholder or partnership agreement can include:

  • Preventing disputes
  • Outlining the rights of shareholders
  • Giving minority shareholders more control
  • Selling the business without shareholders blocking it
  • Keeping the activities of the company out of the public eye
  • Imposing restrictions on shareholders both during their possession of shares and after the sale of these shares

Yet not all shareholder or partnership agreements are the same, and you need one that works for your company’s needs. 

Having such an agreement drawn up requires an understanding of the commercial pressures you face and the reality of your marketplace, as well as the technical legal skills to ensure the document possesses a binding legality.

At Robertsons Solicitors we’re committed to providing excellence in every piece of work we undertake, and your shareholder/partnership agreement will receive that very same care and attention.  We take the time to understand your company culture alongside the pressures you face, and use these to create an agreement that’s crafted to facilitate your goals and prepare for any difficulties you’re likely to face. 

Let us give your business the stability it deserves by drafting a shareholder or partnership agreement that works for you.

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