Commercial & Consumer Debts

In commerce, we must often place trust in others to facilitate our business dealings. Unfortunately, among these bodies and individuals we will, from time to time, encounter some who do not fulfil their side of the agreement.

Whether through lack of funds or a desire to avoid payment, these parties prove difficult to deal with. You may be met with silence or lies when communication is attempted, and your goodwill is often simply used to exploit the situation further.

Regardless of this, when sums are owed, you will naturally want to recover them. Yet, while the law may be on your side, every creditor will be well aware of the difficulties they face on the road to recovering them.

Changing addresses, severing modes of communication, ignoring correspondence and deliberate untruths are common tactics from those wishing to evade their responsibilities. Collecting the sums owed to you requires not only an astute knowledge of the law in this area, but also an understanding of how best to deal with debtors of various kinds. 

A sensible debt recovery approach

With this in mind, an effective and cost-minimising approach can be adopted. This will both help maximise the chances of you reclaiming the sums owed, and also help keep the costs incurred in pursuing these to a minimum.

At Robertsons Solicitors we have extensive experience in the recovery of commercial and consumer debts owed to our clients. Effectively chasing the matter while staying firmly within the boundaries of debt collection laws and regulations, we will use all the tools at our disposal to get you the sums you’re owed. This can include the use of bailiffs, insolvency proceedings and statutory demands, and we ensure that all suitable options are considered to place pressure on the debtor/s to bring the matter to a swift and cost-effective close.

Don’t leave your debtors to escape their obligations – choose us to recover what’s rightfully yours.

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