Education Solicitors – National Offer Day 2024

Education Solicitors - National Offer Day 2024

Today is National Offer Day. Many parents will have been eagerly waiting today to receive their children’s primary school offer placements. However, what can you do if you don’t receive the offer that you were looking for on National Offer Day?

Parents must be able to select their preferred school of choice for their child. However, an admissions authority may refuse this request if it will ‘prejudice the provision of education or the efficient use of resources’ (for example, the school has reached its maximum pupil roll).

You can file an appeal if you don’t want your child to attend the alternative school that has been provided. An Independent Appeal Panel (IAP) will hear said appeals. Appeals should be submitted as soon as possible and within the prescribed timeframes.

Our admission appeals lawyers are experienced in dealing with these cases and can draft robust grounds of appeal, obtain the evidence needed to support your case and also attend the hearing with you.

For more information on National Offer Day and how we can assist you, please visit our School Admission Appeal page.


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