School Admission Appeals

We recognise that parents want the best for their children, including an excellent education. If you have been informed that your child has not been accepted into your preferred school, you may be wondering what you can do.

Parents must be able to select their preferred school of choice for their child. However, an admissions authority may refuse this request if it will ‘prejudice the provision of education or the efficient use of resources’ (for example, the school has reached its maximum pupil roll).

You can file an appeal if you don’t want your child to attend the alternative school that has been provided. An Independent Appeal Panel (IAP) will hear said appeals.

The IAP is a chance for the decision to be examined by an impartial panel, which should consider:

  • Examining if the admissions procedure was adhered to
  • Provide parents the chance to discuss why their child should attend the school
  • Compare the prejudice the school may suffer against the prejudice the child would suffer

Our school admission appeal lawyers have experience in dealing with a number of these cases and can:

  • Provide impartial advice on whether the decision was made in line with the law, codes and procedures
  • Draft compelling grounds of appeal
  • Advise and obtain evidence needed to strengthen your case
  • Attend the hearing and present a strong appeal.

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