Adopting a child is a major event in the lives of both the young person and the family they’re about to join. Having a child enter your family is a big thing, and the legal requirements to make it happen are as thorough as you’d expect.

The adoption system is in place to ensure that a young person’s new family is right for them, and that the family are in a suitable position to welcome a new child into their home. 

But even though these laws are in place for everyone’s benefit, many families find the idea of going through the adoption process confusing and intimidating. They may feel their personal lives are being probed a little too deeply, or that there’s some element of their family history that could cause problems.

Conversely, you may be facing your own child possibly being taken away for adoption and desperately wish to stop this.

Whatever your situation, adoption is an area filled with worries and uncertainties for those involved. Having a legal expert you can turn to for advice in those difficult times can be a great relief, and the presence of a professional can make all the difference as you navigate the application process too.

Here at Robertsons Solicitors we’re dedicated to making sure you go through the steps to adoption with as little stress as possible. Our family law team is on hand to assist you with every area of your adoption matter, so let us help you welcome in your newest family member with the happiness you deserve.

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