If There isn’t a Will – There’s a Way. Dealing with Probate Without a Will

As much as we hate to think about it, death is inevitable. While it thankfully doesn’t happen to us very often, when the time arises and there is no Will in place, the whole experience can be exacerbated by financial and legal issues.

With funeral costs increasing by 4.7 per cent in the last year, according to The SunLife Cost of Dying report, individuals are faced with an average of £4,078 in funeral bills.  This, often unexpected cost, means that bereaved family members can be found to host wakes and even funerals at their homes to avoid the cost of venue hire and reduce costs.  If the estate has no pre-paid funeral plan then the funeral costs will be deducted from the estate. If no specific wishes for the funeral are stated in the Will then the estate can be used to cover any reasonable funeral costs including costs outside of the funeral ceremony such as the wake, obituaries and flower arrangements. This all helps to ensure that the family avoid any risk of plunging into debt and facing any financial issues.

But dealing with multiple financial issues, as well as insurance companies, the process of the will and bereavement itself, can be overbearing.  This is where probate services can make the process much easier and just that bit less stressful.

Whether there is a Will or not, the probate process will ensure that, the executors (when there is a Will) or administrators (no Will involved) are given the authority to gain access to deal with every element of the deceased’s estate.

Here at Robertsons Solicitors, we will deal with all aspects of probate and of the administration of an estate. If stated in the Will, we are happy to be appointed as Executors, or as Solicitors, when instructed by the next of kin or a relative to the person who has passed away.

For any probate-based queries please contact us on 029 2023 7777 or email us via law@robsols.co.uk to arrange an appointment.


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