National Offer Day

National Offer Day

As the countdown to National Offer Day on March 1st, 2024, is nearly over, many parents are eagerly awaiting news about their children’s secondary school placements. But what happens if the offer they were hoping for doesn’t come through?

Parents naturally want to secure the best school for their child, but sometimes they face rejection due to factors like limited resources or full capacity at their preferred school. When this happens, there are options available.

One option is to file an appeal, where you can challenge the decision and present your case to an Independent Appeal Panel (IAP). It’s important to act swiftly and submit your appeal within the specified timeframe.

Our admission appeals lawyers are experienced in dealing with these cases and can draft robust grounds of appeal, obtain the evidence needed to support your case and also attend the hearing with you.

For more information on National Offer Day and how we can assist you, please visit our School Admission Appeal page.


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