Navigating Boundary Disputes: How Our Litigation Department Gets Results

Navigating Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can be a source of stress and conflict for many property owners. Whether it’s disagreements over property lines, easements or encroachments, these disputes have the potential to escalate into costly legal battles. In a conversation with Senior Associate William Baird, we discussed how our Litigation department is successful on behalf of our clients with boundary dispute cases.

What are the common challenges property owners face when dealing with boundary disputes?

Every boundary dispute is unique, but they all pose several common challenges for property owners. One significant challenge is determining the exact property line while taking the emotion out of the situation. Often, boundary disputes have evolved over several years, becoming emotionally charged and reaching the point where decisive legal measures become necessary.

How does our Litigation department approach resolving boundary disputes differently?

Our Litigation department approaches resolving boundary disputes with a distinctive strategy that combines legal expertise and strategic thinking. We begin by conducting a comprehensive review of property records, historical surveys and relevant legal documents to establish the best possible chance for our clients.

What makes our Litigation department particularly skilled at achieving favourable results in dispute cases?

What sets us apart is our commitment to achieving resolutions that are not only legally comprehensive but also sensitive to the practical and personal dimensions of each case. A key factor contributing to our success is the size of our team, which allows us to make informed decisions swiftly. This flexibility not only speeds up the resolution process but also highlights our commitment to providing high-quality client support. We act on behalf of our clients as if their property were our own.

What advice would you give to property owners who are currently facing a dispute and considering seeking assistance from our Litigation department?

The moment you feel even slightly uneasy about a boundary dispute, taking decisive steps is essential. Engaging with the right legal firm can proactively prevent costly conflicts with your neighbours. Winning a boundary dispute requires more than just a strong case, it demands a winning strategy. We’re here to help. 

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