Category: Litigation

Litigation vs Arbitration: Key Differences, Process, and Cost

We explore the difference between litigation and arbitration and which can be considered for the legal situation.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution. What Are the Options?

Litigation can be settled without the need for the court. Find out about the options of ADR.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Litigation: A Quick Guide

A Quick Guide to the Advantages and Disadvantages of Litigation. What to consider.

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When do Tenancy Guarantees End: Can a Guarantor Be Released?

We discuss tenancy guarantees, what they are and when they end. Things to consider when considering your rights.

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Can An Electronic Signature be Contractually Binding? We Review a Recent Case

This post discusses whether an electronic signature can be contractually binding and examines Neocleous & Anor v Rees 2019

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What You Need to Know about Consumer Contracts: Getting it Right

We discuss what Businesses need to know about Consumer Contracts and the Consumer Rights Rights Act 2015.

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Commercial Tenants and Break Notices – avoiding the pitfalls

If tenants are looking to end their lease early, there are certain elements of the lease that have to be complied with.

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Facial Recognition Software: What Are the Legal Ramifications?

We explore Automated Facial Recognition Software and whether it is data protection issue.

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What can Employers Dictate When it Comes to Working at Christmas?

Can staff be made to work at Christmas or made to take holiday at Christmas? Your questions answered.

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What is Civil Litigation: One of Our Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a common question. We find out a little more about civil litigation and what it entails.

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How can landlords defend disrepair claims made by their tenants?

There are more frequent disrepair claims brought by tenants, but what are the landlords rights?

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In Debt? A consultation is planned on giving you more breathing space

With debt on the rise for consumers, will the new Breathing Scheme give more options for help?

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