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Announcement: Gail Williams

9 June 2023

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the death of our colleague and friend, Gail Williams.

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Living apart together. What are the consequences for family law?

1 June 2023

This article looks at this phenomenon and asks, ‘Are these people free from the reach of family law?’

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Can I Be Sacked Without a Written Warning? Here’s What to Do

18 May 2023

What happens if your employer decides to let you go without first issuing a written warning?

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Requesting an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment

31 March 2023

Are you aware that if your child is experiencing difficulties in school you can request an EHCNA?

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How Technology is Changing the Way Our Clients Buy and Sell Homes

23 March 2023

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and the way we buy and sell homes is no exception.

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Navigating the Conveyancing Process: A Q&A with Our Residential Conveyancing Team

21 March 2023

To mark National Conveyancing Week, we’ve put together a Q&A with our Residential Conveyancing team.

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Hudson v Hathway – Court of Appeal Decision On Constructive Trusts

27 February 2023

This cases deals with the rights of parties to a property in cohabitation disputes. Is detrimental reliance required?

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What Is a Trust Agreement? How It Works, Who Uses It and Why.

1 February 2023

Have you wondered what a Trust Agreement is? Depending on your circumstances, they can be beneficial.

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What Property Searches Are Done When Buying a House: A Simple Guide

25 January 2023

When you are buying a house, your solicitor will have to do a number of searches. Here we provide an overview of what these are.

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Can an Executor Withhold Money From a Beneficiary? What Can be Done?

12 January 2023

If you are a beneficiary of a Will and you think that an Executor is withholding money, it could be for various reasons.

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New landlord and tenant obligations under the Renting Homes (Wales) Act

3 January 2023

The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 came into effect on 1st December 2022.
Read about the changes.

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David Paddison celebrates 50 years of being admitted to the roll

20 December 2022

Press Release: David Paddison celebrates 50 years on the roll at Robertsons Solicitors. An amazing achievement.

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