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Commercial Tenants and Break Notices – avoiding the pitfalls

13 April 2021

If tenants are looking to end their lease early, there are certain elements of the lease that have to be complied with.

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What happens to their shares when a Shareholder dies

7 April 2021

When a Shareholder dies it is important that appropriate agreements are in place to ensure that their shares are distributed as per their wishes.

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The upcoming changes to Employment law that you should know

30 March 2021

Employment Law specialist, Will Baird, discusses the key employment law changes that come into play from 1 April 2021.

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Spotlight: Caitlin Kloet tells us about working at Robertsons during the pandemic

29 March 2021

We talk to Caitlin Kloet about working as a Trainee Solicitor during the pandemic.

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When unmarried couples separate, what rights do they have to a Property?

26 March 2021

Cohabiting couples do not have the benefit of ‘common law’. So what happens when they have a property but decide to separate?

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Five Ways To Help Ensure Employee Wellbeing

15 March 2021

What are the five ways employers can help to ensure employee wellbeing?

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Paying Unlawful Dividends – What are the Legal Repercussions?

12 March 2021

Paying unlawful dividends can mean serious repercussions for businesses. We investigate what unlawful dividends are.

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What is the difference between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common?

3 March 2021

A common question we are asked is what is the difference between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common?

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How do you know if you have a good solicitor?

1 March 2021

How can we know if a solicitor or law firm is best appropriate for us and our particular circumstances? Here are our thoughts.

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Understanding the Bank of Mum and Dad

23 February 2021

Recent reports have suggested that many first-time buyers receive significant support from the Bank of Mum and Dad, with an average contribution of £18,000. While this may solve the problem of finding the deposit to allow first time buyers to take their first step on the property ladder, it can create other issues. Parents may […]

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What happens when parents disagree over inoculations?

16 February 2021

When parents are separated, there are times where parents may not agree on the health decisions of the children by the other parent.  This could be decisions on health interventions, such as inoculations.  Several years ago the MMR Vaccines hit the headlines with reports that it was linked to Autism. These reports have subsequently been […]

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Children and divorce

4 February 2021

Just this week, the wife of Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd announced on social media that she and her husband are to split but remain committed to their children.  A cursory check on social media will show that the marriage appears not to have been in a good place for some time.  If this couple, or […]

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