Drafting Wills

Nearly two thirds of adults in the United Kingdom currently do not have a Will in place. While it’s not a legal requirement to have a Will, choosing not to have your final wishes legally written up means you have no control over where your property will go after you pass away. 

If you do have a Will, then when life changes, you will need to ensure that your Will still reflects your wishes. For example, if you have purchased property, inherited assets or separated from a partner, any current Will should be reviewed.

Thinking about what we want to happen upon our death may not a pleasant prospect, but the alternative may be even less desirable. The laws of intestacy (which state where our property will go after we die if we have no Will) mean we risk leaving our most loved ones with nothing while less deserving relatives are handed a windfall. 

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing the most precious people in your life will be provided for by having a Will formally written up or your current one reviewed.

Planning for Inheritance Tax

Our Inheritance, Wills and Probate department can also advise on a range of inheritance tax issues so you can make smarter decisions and avoid incurring certain financial penalties that may arise from larger estates.

We also offer clients the opportunity to have us act as professional Executors in their Will. While the role of Executor is open to anybody, most inexperienced executors find it a difficult and highly stressful responsibility to bear. 

Most people put off making a Will, but speak to our team today and give your loved ones the peace they deserve.

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