When a relative has passed away and probate has been granted, the executor (the person in charge of distributing the deceased’s property) is required to start working on making sure everything goes where it’s meant to. 

Yet whilst anyone can be named as an executor on a will, many people who are given the responsibility find it confusing and stressful. On top of this, it’s usually those closest and most loved by the deceased who are named as executors, meaning they are often still grieving while being expected to perform these duties.

Having a qualified solicitor named as the executor to your estate can be a way of making your passing easier for those closest to you. Appointing a professional executor will ensure your wishes are carried out exactly as they are written in your will, giving you peace of mind and lifting the burden of dealing with your estate off the ones you love.

If you have your will drafted with Robertsons Solicitors we will always give you the option of appointing us to act as your executors. Those who have been named as executors on the will yet feel they would like the assistance of a professional executor can also get in touch to see how we can help administer the estate.

Robertsons Solicitors have extensive experience acting as professional executors, dealing with both large and smaller estates for our clients. If you’re looking to have a will drawn up, or are wondering whether your current choice of executor/s is the right one, consider the benefits that appointing professional executors can bring.

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