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Probate is a legal process where probate specialists review the assets of a deceased person and determine how they should distribute monies and property.  Probate typically centres around a deceased’s valid Will, but probate can also be initiated where there is no Will.  (If you require information on drafting a Will, please click here)

Probate solicitors do not automatically fulfil this role.  Anyone named as an executor of a Will can have the responsibility for probate, but it is often confusing and stressful.  Hiring a solicitor to act for you can be the better solution.

Probate is often needed when the deceased person’s estate is highly valued.  (In estate planning, solicitors such as Robertsons Solicitors can help you to use investment vehicles that do not require probate, thus avoiding high probate costs and complexities.)

Let our probate specialists at Robertsons Solicitors follow your loved one’s instructions and lift the heavy burden from your shoulders.   We can act as the named executioner of a Will from the start, or you can appoint us to handle an estate after the fact.

Probate Solicitors FAQs

It depends on the circumstances. For example, a complex estate where the executor must sell property can take a long time to complete. Usually, though, probate takes between 6-9 months. It will also depend on how quick the Probate Registry takes.

The executor of the deceased person’s estate is tasked with carrying out the probate process. This process involves filing the appropriate documents with the court, sending notices to relatives, creditors, and other interested parties, taking an inventory of assets, distributing the assets, paying debts and taxes, and finishing the final paperwork.

The process can be complex and confusing, and most layman executors find it time-consuming and stressful. So why not let our probate specialist solicitors at Robertsons handle it instead?

You can if you plan. One of the most important things you can do is to make a will where you detail your wishes about your assets and property and name an executor. You can also create a trust through which you can pass certain assets to beneficiaries without probate. Talk to us at Robertsons Solicitors so that we can evaluate your specific situation.

There is no time limit to complete probate, except if inheritance tax is involved. This must be paid within six months of the date of death.

However, if you suspect the executor of your loved one’s probate is incompetent, you can get the person replaced. The circumstances under which you can do this is limited, so please speak to the probate specialists at Robertsons Solicitors for expert advice.

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