Land Acquisition

You have big plans for your development. You know what you want, you know how it will operate, and you know when you want it completed. But first you need to obtain the land on which the building will take place on. 

Identifying the ideal piece of land for this may be more challenging than first expected. Certain types of property may be restricted from being built in that particular area, maybe there are limitations on how tall the buildings can be, or possibly certain parties are guaranteed rights of passage across the land, thereby making the plot unsuitable for your intended purposes.

It’s even important to consider the implications further down the line. There may be no significant restrictions on the building or use of your property, but certain difficulties may emerge when looking to lease or sell it in future.

Identifying obstacles before they arise

This means that such issues will need addressing before commencing further work. This may involve overcoming these obstacles, working around them, or simply proceeding to find a new piece of land which is better suited to your needs.

Whether you’re planning on building residential property or commercial units, you need expert help to determine if a proposed plot of land is right for you. 

At Robertsons Solicitors, we can guide you through the complex process of locating and purchasing land for development, helping you choose wisely and avoid the many pitfalls endemic to such an undertaking. We can help you determine whether a conditional contract, land exchange or option agreement is the best choice, and take every step to make your property development secure from the outset.

We’re here to understand your values and help you overcome any obstacles preventing your site development goals becoming a reality.

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