Plot Sales & Part Exchange

The process for successfully completing plot sales and part exchanges is no small undertaking, and you want yours to be handled with the expert care it deserves.

Ever more elaborate plot developments are now being proposed with progressively tighter designs that incorporate different building types. This serves the growing demand for more functional diversity in plot developments, but likewise makes it an increasingly complex task to bring such projects to fruition.

While achieving the modern high-spec plots expected by site developers is possible, it requires a team that is experienced, technically skilled, and able to work cross-departmentally to ensure every aspect of your plot sale and part exchange is handled professionally.

Looking at every element of the process from covenants to contracts and committing ourselves to keeping our clients informed, we offer an unparalleled service that promises you the results you want alongside a premium client service. 

The need for a broad range of expertise

Our dynamic approach even allows us to tackle more complex site developments such as ‘Help to Buy’, shared ownership and part exchange projects, amongst others.

The result is a comprehensive and flexible service that acts swiftly and puts your wishes first, yet will never compromise on the security that remains vital to such major undertakings. We understand the importance of both speed and safety, ensuring your site development gets finished just as you want it, when you want it.

Our cross-departmental team utilises a multidisciplinary approach to obtaining the results you need, drawing on the strengths of a variety of disciplines to achieve your goal. Make sure your matter is placed in the hands of a firm you can trust.

Our Expert Team

Our expertise is how we maintain our strong reputation as a law firm.

Meet The Site Development Team