Do I Need a Solicitor to Claim Compensation? What Are the Options

Do I Need a Solicitor To Claim Compensation

With 430,000 compensation claims settled through the courts recently according to government statistics, it’s not surprising that many of us are looking for compensation due to another’s negligence.

However, you might be wondering whether you need a solicitor or if there is another route.

If you are in Cardiff, South Wales, or anywhere else in the UK, read on to find out your options.

If you feel another person or company has acted negligently, you have a legal right to make a compensation claim. Although you don’t have to instruct a solicitor, it’s less stressful, more likely to have a positive outcome and is time-saving. A solicitor can advise you on how much you can claim.

Do I have to instruct a solicitor if I want to claim compensation?

In general, for anyone who feels that they have suffered an injury due to another party’s negligence, there are two ways to proceed.

Claim directly from an insurers claims department

This way means you won’t be instructing a solicitor to act on your behalf, but you will handle the claim yourself, or make a DIY claim.

In either instance, you should receive a full settlement that adequately reflects and covers injuries in full and also any other losses or expenses sustained due to that injury.,

Although this method can be less costly in some instances, there are some difficulties and blocks you might encounter.

For instance, going it alone using this method as a means of receiving fair compensation, requires a certain degree of knowledge as to who the insurers of those you are making a claim against are, and where to find them. 

Also, court processes are highly complex environments where it is crucial to understand the requirements and rules.

So if you prefer to instruct experts on compensation to reach a fair settlement, who understand the complexities of this kind of claim you can instruct a solicitor.

“Court processes are highly complex environments where it is crucial to understand the requirements and rules.”

Instruct a solicitor

If you live in Cardiff, South Wales or anywhere else across the UK, the other way is by instructing the best compensation solicitors to handle the case for you.

Pros of hiring a solicitor for compensation

To be better armed to make a decision as to whether to use a solicitor or make your own case for compensation through the courts, let’s look at some pros and cons.

The court process is highly complex

Even though you might be happy with the chances of a successful outcome for your claim, ensuring you comply fully with court protocol and procedure is crucial.

For anyone considering undertaking a DIY approach to a compensation case, understanding the complexity of the kinds of procedural requirements around litigation such as court processes and pre-action procedures is a necessary requirement.

A solicitor will be armed with the correct knowledge of how to navigate the important aspects of the court process.

“ensuring you comply fully with court protocol and procedure is crucial.”


Anyone considering handling their own compensation claim needs to have the time to study the process and how all aspects of the court system works.

Not only do you need to be fully clued up on procedures, but you will also need to prepare everything required such as communication with all parties, along with any necessary submissions of evidence and other paperwork.

One of the chief benefits of hiring an expert claims solicitor is that they have all the necessary requirements and experience to carry out this type of work effectively.

Experienced personal injury solicitors will have a deep understanding and knowledge of this complex area of the law. There is also a change in whiplash claims that can be difficult to navigate.

The time saved in using an expert can help you win your case alongside having the expertise to advise. For instance, if your claim isn’t settled out of court, they will be able to bring their expertise to presenting your case for the best possible outcome.

“Experienced personal injury solicitors will have a deep understanding and knowledge of this complex area of the law.”

DIY compensation claims are stressful

Not only can undertaking a claim for compensation be costly in terms of time. It can also put a strain on your health.

Many who are undertaking compensation claims are up against the weight of large companies and corporations’ legal teams. Often, they have dedicated teams whose job day in and day out is to fight these types of claims.

For this reason, taking on a company whom you believe has been neglectful could result in considerable stress which could take its toll on your own personal well-being.

By hiring the best claims solicitors you can make sure you have an expert fighting your corner, reducing potential anxiety and worry.

If your claim is due to personal injury, instructing a solicitor to act for you can also give you much needed time to heal and get better.

“By hiring the best claims solicitors you can make sure you have an expert fighting your corner”

Hiring a solicitor means you will understand how much to claim

There are many types of damages you can be awarded for compensation claims. But if you decide to take on a company for compensation yourself, it’s likely you won’t be aware of the types of compensation you could receive.

A solicitor who is trained in all aspects of personal injury and compensation law will have a clear understanding alongside experience in the types of awards you could benefit from.

It could mean that you might miss out on significant sums of money if you decide to go for a DIY compensation claim.

It could also be that you have already accepted a much lower settlement than you may have received by seeking a solicitor’s help too late.

You may even have overclaimed – which might harm the success of your case if it eventually goes through court proceedings.

Cons of hiring a solicitor for a compensation claim

Are there any downsides to hiring a solicitor for compensation claims?


In general, the only drawback of hiring a solicitor is the charge element.

However, many of the best solicitors in Wales and across the UK will be able consider a ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement or enter into a payment plan to help you spread the cost.

You could discuss this with your solicitor at your free consultation session.

However, it’s also worth pointing out that although there are costs involved, these will most likely be absorbed into any fee you might receive by using claims experts, rather than the uncertainty of fighting a compensation claim without professional help.

And finally…

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