Successful Negotiation in Shareholder Dispute

Shareholder Dispute

In a recent case, our legal team advised and assisted an individual in a challenging dispute with her co-director and co-shareholder regarding a large franchise in the UK. The other party held majority control, and the business was facing severe financial difficulties, nearing insolvency. This dispute centred on the deteriorating relationship between the business partners, with our client lacking the majority shareholding necessary to enact meaningful changes.

Despite the complexities, we successfully negotiated a settlement in favour of our client. This agreement facilitated the departure of the co-director and co-shareholder from the company, transferring their shares and interests to our client. With full control of the company, our client has remarkably turned around its finances and is now poised to expand to additional franchises in the near future.

Litigation Director William Baird commented, “Navigating this dispute required not only strategic negotiation but also a deep understanding of corporate governance. We are thrilled to have secured such a positive outcome for our client, enabling her to regain control and steer the company towards a prosperous future.”

This outcome underscores our Litigation team’s dedication and expertise in managing complex shareholder disputes and achieving favourable results for our clients. We are proud to have played a crucial role in resolving this conflict and supporting our client’s vision for business growth.

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