Settlement Agreements

Given enough time, conflicts between employers and employees are somewhat unavoidable. Yet thankfully such disagreements can be solved through a variety of methods. One of the most effective ways to put such matters to rest is through the use of settlement agreements.

A settlement agreement is as straightforward in concept as the title suggests. It essentially constitutes an agreement between the employer and employee, whereby the employee waives their right to any further claim against the employer. This will usually be in exchange for the employer offering the employee a sum of money, but the employer may also include a number of other benefits to appease the employee.

This makes settlement agreements one of the most mutually satisfactory ways for employers and employees to settle a conflict, allowing both parties to reach a conclusion and move on.

Yet as an employer, the onus is on you to ensure the settlement agreement process is conducted appropriately to guarantee its legality. This is especially important in light of how settlement agreements are generally made by employers to specifically prevent any further action being taken against them. Failing to follow the proper procedure can leave you open to additional legal claims, despite the steps taken to resolve matters.

Some of the key elements of this include ensuring the employee receives independent legal advice, and clearly identifying the settled claims in the settlement agreement itself. Getting these necessary elements included can prove challenging for businesses without specialist in-house support, and we understand the consequences hard-working businesses face if they fail to do so.

Robertsons Solicitors realise the importance of giving businesses the guidance they need when looking to create an effective settlement agreement. Our dedicated employment team are highly experienced in drafting settlement agreements as well as advising on their proper implementation. 

We take pride in helping employers bring contentious matters to a mutually satisfactory close, protecting our clients’ interests while maintaining a positive relationship with their workforce.

Find the professional assistance you need with Robertsons Solicitors and get the secure settlement agreements every business desires.

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