Termination of Contracts

It is an unfortunate fact in business that times will arise where our company is required to cease the employment of certain individuals or teams. Whether for poor performance, bad behaviour or changes to the business structure, it’s sometimes necessary for employers to make the difficult decision to terminate the contracts of employees.

While employers receive little sympathy for this often-essential measure, the fact is that terminating employees contracts is a challenging undertaking on both an emotional and practical level.

The correct procedure can help you avoid the employment tribunal

The latter is especially a concern for businesses looking to ensure their terminations fall within the scope of legality. Employees are shielded by a considerable series of legal protections and shrewd employers will take every step to avoid infringing on these, and in doing so protect themselves from costly and time-consuming tribunal hearings. 

Failing to do this may leave you open to legal action, running afoul of anything from unfair dismissal laws to discrimination claims levelled against your company. These resource-sapping matters distract from the running of your business, and can be bad for morale amongst the rest of your workforce.

Being given the proper legal guidance on how to handle such a matter in advance can make all the difference. You’ll want to know the best way to proceed as well as what risks are associated with the termination of any given employee’s contract of employment. From here you can choose a prudent course of action that is more likely to be satisfactory to the employee/s in question, as well as minimise the possibility of a successful tribunal case against your company.

At Robertsons Solicitors we have the experience and expertise in the termination of employee contracts to help you navigate the difficult path of letting workers go. This can even apply to higher ranking board members and other senior individuals who require a very different approach to the majority of company staff.

We’re here to help you streamline your business, understanding your goals and guide you through every step necessary to craft your workforce into the team you need.

So don’t risk opening yourself up to costly tribunal action, let us help you safely and securely take the correct approach.

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