Category: Family Law

The Low Down on No-Fault Divorce: How Will the Law Change?

We discuss what separated couples need to know about no-fault divorce and how it will work.

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Who Pays Household Bills During Separation? We Discuss Your Options

We discuss the importance of maintaining mortgage, rent and utility payments before a decree absolute.

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How Do You Annul a Marriage: How Is It Different from Divorce?

We explore the difference between divorce and marriage annulment – and how you annul a marriage.

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What is Spousal Maintenance and when is it awarded?

In this blog we answer your questions on Spousal Maintenance and when it is awarded.

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When Unmarried couples Separate, What Rights Do They Have To a Property?

In this blog we look at what happens when cohabitating couples have a property and decide to separate?

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Dealing With a Divorce Involving Children: Considerations

We discuss Children and Divorce following the split of Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd and his wife.

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Common Causes of Christmas Consternation: Things To Consider

We discuss some of the most common areas of disagreement at Christmas and what needs to be considered.

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What is a Post-Nuptial Agreement and How Does it Work?

We look at post-nuptial agreements, what they are, how they work and when you might want one.

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What Happens to Debt on Divorce: We Look at the Options

In this article we look at what happens to debt when a married couple divorce and what options you have.

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Beating Domestic Abuse: What Help is Available To You?

In this article we look in to beating domestic abuse and provide some resources that are available.

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What Does the Smacking Ban in Wales Mean for Parents?

This article looks at what the smacking ban in Wales will mean for parents when it comes into effect.

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From Pre-Nups to Pet-Nups: How Are Animals Considered In Divorce?

It is not only assets that are considered within a divorce. But what are your rights over animals?

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