Private School Disputes

We recognise that tuition at independent schools is expensive, and as a result, parents should receive great value and help for their money. Our private school lawyers will assist you with your case and advise you on how to resolve your conflict.

We understand that some parents may wish to maintain their relationship with the school, so we will advise you on how to handle any problems with private schools amicably and in your child’s best interests including:

  • Independent School Complaints
  • Private School Exclusions
  • Discrimination claims (including disability discrimination)
  • Disputes regarding the quality and standard of education and provisions
  • Permanent Exclusion Hearings
  • Independent School Disciplinary Matters

In addition to the school owing a duty of care to your child, they owe contractual obligations to you. It is therefore essential to carefully review the contract along with relevant policies to effectively reach an amiable outcome. It may be possible to resolve the issues via the school’s internal complaints procedure before entering into costly and lengthy litigation. We can provide advice on the legal obligations to both students and parents in order to reach a swift resolution in the best interests of your child.

If you are considering making a breach of contract claim with the County Court, it is recommended that you check if you have the benefit of any legal expenses insurance.

We offer parents a complimentary introductory consultation during which we will outline how we can assist you and clearly outline our pricing structure.

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